New Thoracic Tests! Uterine distention and Cranial thoracic mass

Published by SignalPET on September 02, 2020

New AI Radiology Tests - Uterine Distention and Cranial Thoracic Mass

At SignalPET, we are always working behind the scenes to build out new, high-quality enhancements for our industry-leading AI technology, placing highest priority on enhancements that add the most value to clinicians in their most commonly seen cases.

In September 2020, SignalPET proudly announced the release of the newest supported radiographic tests:
Uterine Distention and Cranial Thoracic Mass!

Radiology AI report for Uterine Distention and Cranial Thoracic Mass

Uterine Distention

Uterine Distention is one of the latest addition to SignalPET’s 50+ supported radiology test results. Uterine distension is described as an enlargement of the uterus/uterine horns as a result of pregnancy, fluid (pyometra, hydrometra, mucometra) or neoplasia (uterine mass).

SignalRAY® AI is trained to identify the enlarged tubular structures in the abdomen characteristic of uterine distension.

SignalRAY can now be your second set of eyes to support your diagnosis of pregnancy, pyometra, or other uterine condition, which can help you and your client proceed with further diagnostics and treatment with greater confidence.

Cranial Thoracic Mass

Cranial Thoracic Mass is described as the presence of a round soft tissue opacity within the cranial thorax. May be mediastinal or pulmonary in origin.

SignalRAY is assisting in identifying cranial mediastinal masses by assessing for distinct round soft tissue opacities in the cranial thorax (cranial to the cardiac silhouette). Sternal lymphadenopathies and masses of pulmonary origin are also identified within this test.

With a positive signal for cranial thoracic mass, top differentials can include neoplastic processes (such as thymoma, lymphoma, or adenocarcinoma), infectious or inflammatory processes, or benign processes including cysts or fat accumulation

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