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 Instant point-of-care radiology results

Schedule a meeting with our team and join the community of clinicians who have achieved radiology expertise.

Get On-Screen Vet X-Ray Interpretation.

SignalPET provides real-time interpretation directly on the X-ray image, with a clear indication of the result highlighted by abnormality indicators.

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Transparency matters.

Engage and support your patients with effective communication through a fully detailed report generated instantly.

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SignalSTAT Turqoise-1

The new standard for expert veterinary radiograph interpretation, utilizing state-of-the-art systems to deliver comprehensive reports.

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SignalCHAT Turqioise

An interactive chat service designed to connect clinicians and SignalPET veterinarians.

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Dr. Kerry Peterson
Medical Director, Pet Wellness Clinics

"All the veterinarians and staff really, really liked it, and we were really pleased with the ease of the software and the recording system.  We found that it added incredible value to our radiology services.  Our patients are able to get care faster, and our clients were really pleased to see all the good things.  So, it’s just been a great journey for us, and we really, really enjoy using SignalPET."


SignalPET's clinicians gain:

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    Peace of mind

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Test Panels Capabilities
SignalPET provides 50+ radiographic test results instantly.

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